There are times when we just can’t clear our heads and focus on one task at a time. Multi-tasking just divide our thinking power into the different tasks but when we focus on one task at a time, we can focus all our brain-power onto it. But, how can we do just that? I don’t consider myself a master of this skill but I have noticed that the following 5 things help you tremendously to focus on one task.

1. The Rewards Of Your Task: By thinking about what you might get in return for whatever you are doing, you are encouraged to do it. For example, how we all love to get straight As in exam and so, if you are studying and stupid thoughts keep crashing in your head, then just think about those long holidays you are gonna get, what are you gonna do in them, the prospect of getting straight As. In fact, thats how I spent the whole of April and May. Focusing on my CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). However,some tasks might not have much of a reward. Like finishing your homework. So think about what benefits you get by doing your homework. You won’t get into trouble with your teacher, you are free to watch T.V or play Skyrim and you can sleep in peace knowing your homework is done. Small and narrow-visioned examples but still, this factor is very important in focusing on your task.

2. The Consequences Of Not Doing Your Task: This one is the complete oppositte of the above factor. Just turn the benefits of doing a task the other way around and you have the consequences of not doing it. This makes you do a task out of fear of what will happen if you don’t do it or fail to do it. Though I don’t recommend this, as a positive approach is better as opposed to a negative one but we all know that we can do it ‘the easy way’ or ‘the hard way’.

3. The Insignificance Of Other Tasks: This one might be a bit confusing so let me explain it a little. Every thing we do has an advantage and the disadvantage of not doing it. Lets give them points. The more useful an advantage, the more points it gets. The more damaging a disadvantage, the more points it get. So now, we take the total points of what we do and compare them. The result? The one with the highest points wins and gets more priority then other tasks. Similarly, when you are trying to focus on something, just make a quick mind-
map about how this is much important than anything else at the moment. A bit confusing, I know, but trust me. I’d say 40% of your attention on a task depends on this.

4. Meditation: From the Budhas to the modern day monks, meditation is not some “Achieving Higher Spirituallity” thing. Though it could be. How? Simple. Meditation is just an excercise for your brain to fully grasp the concept of whatever you are about to do. Meaning, clearing your mind of unnecessary things and bringing out the complete focus.And its not a 5 hour, Yoga-pose-statue thingy. You can meditate while sitting, lying down on your bed or even swimming. The thing is that you should be comfortable. It can be as minimum as a 5-minute excercise before whatever you are about to do, or a 30-minute relaxation technique before you go out and face what your day has in store for you.So assume whatever comfortable posture you like, close your eyes and just breath. Inhale with your mouth and exhale with your nose while focusing on your task. Eventually your mind would be clear enough to be crammed with the details of whatever you are going to do. It is indeed helpful as I do a 5-minute Meditation before studying and it helps me memorize very easily.

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Our first impression on others is really important. It shapes the whole way they see us and even if there comes a complete change ins us they’ll still think of us as what we were when we met them. This is why it is always important to have a good first impression so that in the future, even if you do some blunder or something, they still view you as whatever they viewed you like in the beggining. As said,”The First Impression Is The Last Impression”. So what are the 5 things which make your first impression on others?

1. Communication: The way you talk and listen is really important. Why? Because if you are an elaborative speaker and avid listener people tend to think that they are really captivating someones attention. I wrote a great article on improving communication skills. Here you go: Improving Your Communication Skills!

2. Approach: The way you approach someone is also really important. If you meet someone and your first dialog is,”Hey man, get aside, I’m in a hurry”, then you can be sure to earn a few glares. What you should do is ask him like,”Excuse me, I’m in a bit of a hurry so can you move just a little bit so I can pass through?” and watch your magic work.

3. Dressing: The above 2 mentioned things are totally useless if you apply them while wearing that 8-hour worked out T-shirt. Look nice man, be a bit conscious of your appearence. But this does not mean that you start shopping for expensive stuff to look good. I’ve noticed a watch always makes you look good. Go buy a watch of some prominent company. If you can’t find some such watch, then buy one whose manaufacturer is totally unknown and then act as you are Tiger Woods advertising Rolex. Just kidding.

4. Manners: Unless you are a total bad-manners guy, when someone is bad to someone they feel guilty about it later. For example, me and my 2 brothers (both older than me) went to play basketball at a court we haven’t played in before. We didn’t know anyone there and a kid from these other guys who are also playing basketball on the other side, comes to us and asks my biggest brother if he would like to play with them. Before, my brother can even reply, I say,”No, he doesn’t want to play” with a sneer. Luckily, I don’t think they noted it much but I did feel really bad about it later. So throw bad manners out of the window and order some good ones.

5. Smile: I have always found that when I’m smiling while talking to someone, the conversation goes better 95% of the time. Smiling expresses hapiness. Show them that they make you happy. People love it when they make someone smile. Even I make people smile so often that I feel as if I can do anything to keep them smiling and laughing. Heck, once I even rubbed my eyes with green chilli and ate a raw onion ( a little overboard I know ) just to make my friends laugh.

So those were the 5 important things to remember while making an impression on someone and hopefully, you’ll have a new friend. I hope you had fun reading this and don’t forget to implement them. Comment and tell me if they work for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed at the top of the page if you wish to remain notified with my latest content and read my other posts.

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But thats not all to Carl, he has realized all the trouble he went through and so, for new bloggers hoping to earn from the internet, he has released his MasterMind Plan, which if followed, can help you get established.

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Nowadays, communication is perhaps one of the most essential skills that is a must to be perfected. The way we communicate not only show our personality but 90 % of the time, the other person deduces his opinion about us from the way we talk, and not just how we talk, but what we talk about.

For example, a most common argument, a supporter of Man. United meets a person whom he doesn’t know is a Chelsea supporter and vice versa. When both of them realize they are “betraying confidences” they break their conversation up, make an excuse for leaving and flee only to vow never to talk to that person again. Maybe I exaggerated it a bit but still, thats how most things happen.

So you might be asking yourself why should I learn communication techniques? I can speak English and I am socially awesome, so why should I learn anything? The answer, my dear reader, is that you are socially awesome, but when you meet someone new and important for the first time (your future boss for example) you can’t rant on about how awesome people think you are, you want to tell them what they want to listen. Like if you meet a girl who adores music, you should talk music, not cars or that rampage you got in DoTA or CoD. However, you should not just go on and on about all the music you have ever listened to or known about, you should just pick a few that you think the majority likes and let her do the talking. Being affirmative with someone makes them realize they are not alone. Being an avid listener should be second nature when you are talking to someone. Listen to them with interest and show interest in what they are talking about. Secondly, never cut someone when they are talking. Why, well, for one, rudest of manners and secondly worst of impressions. Even when someone cuts me, I walk away with a poker face making him feel guilty.

In Dale Carneige’s excellent book, How To Make Friends And Influence People, he writes how when he was little, he was crazy for boats and he met a man who talked to him for hours on the subject. After the man had left, Dale viewed him as someone awesome because he shared the same passion for boats like him but he found out that the man was only talking about boats because Dale was interested in it. Like this we should be that cooperative listener and talker. In fact, this skill is highly valued in operators and workers in call centers.

So now lets get to the bulk of this. How do you gain favors by communication skills? First of all, let me clear any misconceptions of such that you might be able to buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 for free or something like that. However, it can help you make connections with people in high posts. Lets take another example from Dale’s book. There is this guy who needs one of his boys to be sponsored to go on a trip to Paris. So he goes to the President but he doesn’t just jumps in and starts begging him, no no, he starts the conversation by mentioning that he would like to see the million dollar check. It was a check that the President had received and there was quite a fuss about it. Proudly, the President had it framed and hung in his office. As the guy talked about how he had never seen something so high of value, he dearly requested the president to show him the check. The President happily shows him the check and they have a long talk about it. Then when the President asked the guy why he had to talk to him, they guy explained the situation. The President sponsored all 5 of his boys and the Guy himself for a 2-week free trip to Paris where he met them and introduced them to other high-class people.

This is the power of effective communication skills. You not only get contacts but you are able to maintain them. Another key rule to be noted is not do disagree with someone. Of course, no one can help showing off he knows more than the other person but its highly offensive. What I am talking about is to do this in a lenient manner by maybe, asking him questions like, why he think this is better than that or why this is good or bad and trying to expose as much common ground between two different opinions and then persuading him to share your view point.

I hope this article helped you, and you manage to accomplish something so I know my efforts are not in vain.  Keep an eye out for my next post!

We have all seen that movie in which this super agent silently enters into a building, arrives at a locked door, looks up and down the hallway and enters a pin into the lock, wiggles it, and CRACK the lock gets opened. Ah Hollywood…

Lock-picking is a useful and fun hobby to millions of people all over the world. In fact, this sport is now so popular that competitions have been hosted to see who is on top of the food chain.

Lets have a look at how a basic, key lock works.

As you can see, there are four pins. Most locks have 3 – 5 pins and the lock can only be opened when all of them are properly aligned with the shear line. This is why only a unique key, which aligns all the pins to the shear line can open its corresponding lock.

So now the question is, how do we pick a lock? Simple as it is, it requires some practice. First of all you have to make a pick and a tension wrench as show in the above picture. You can use a paper clip (large one) and break it apart from the middle so you have two similar L-shaped pieces. then bend one end of one of the Ls. This will be your pick and the other shall be your tension wrench.

Enter the tension wrench on the opposite side of the pins and turn it in the direction in which you would turn a key. If you do not know which direction then try both ways. The one which would be wrong would prevent the pin from rotating the lock at all while the right one would let it rotate the lock just a bit. Once you have found the right direction, apply slight pressure by turning the tension wrench in that direction. Now insert your pick, and try to feel all the pins by pushing them down individually. Feel the one which is the hardest to push down. Now, applying slight pressure, push down that pin and trap it in the cylinder. Now push the remaining pins similarly and then apply more pressure to the tension wrench and, voila, you have picked a lock.

I hope you find this helpful. You can search on youtube for many good tutorials for this. I didn’t put a specific one because they are all good.

Happy Lock-Picking!

Though he might not look famous, this smart-and-sharp looking archer might be one of the best shooters you have seen.

Having picked up a bow and arrow at the age of 12, he has since then sharpened his skills to a whole new level. He can shoot moving target like no problem! He started shooting for spectators when once he was going with a friend, scouting for a deer. On the way, they met a rattlesnake whom his friend is very afraid of and so Byron had to take charge. He drew an arrow, and BOOM! Headshot. His friend spread the word and eventually he started getting calls from people who even offered to pay him for shootings. Well, the rest is history.

Anyways, two of his most accomplished shots are the Diamond Ring and Aspirin.

  1. Diamond Ring:  In this one Ferguson shoots a 25 yard shot into a Diamond Ring. This one was done for a Japanese filming and in an interview Ferguson said that this was one of his most pressuring shots as the ring was worth $17,000.00. Heres a video: Byron Ferguson Shooting A Diamond Ring At A Japanese Filming.
  2. Aspirin: I saw this one on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and it quite astounded me. In this one, Ferguson’s wife throws an aspirin in the air while her husband, aims and annihilates it. A must watch for archery fans. The arrow bursts the aspirin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the video so you’ll have to take my word for it I guess.

Hey Guys!

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Hey Guys!

Let me introduce my self and tell you what happens on this blog. I’m Mahad Khan, a visionary guy, who can sometimes be a little un-coperative but mostly intends to help others. I’m crazy for technology and I’ve made quite a few things. So in this blog I’ll  basically post about skills which make you look good or even write about some cool stuff. I’m going to cover a wide-area  (hopefully) and I hope you support me. Sorry, If this makes me look childish, but hey, its a start!

So I hope you support me and like what I write. Feedback and comments are highly valued.